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Electrical Service (Breaker Box) Upgrades

Old homes can be wonderful, but you can't say the same about old electrical systems. This is one thing about which you should be glad that, "They don't make them like they used to !".
A new, code-standard, higher capacity electrical system is safer for you, your family, all of your electrically operated belongings, and of course your home itself.
If you're still living with an old low capacity or fuse style electrical system, it's time to upgrade- if only for safety's sake. If you're selling a house or other structure, you should know that you'll first need to upgrade any electrical service systems to comply with Wisconsin's electrical code requirements.
Our economical Electrical Service or Breaker Box upgrade includes removal of the old overloaded fuse box or breaker box. We install a quality 200 amp, 40 circuit breaker box, and run a 200 ampere cable from the public utility meter enclosure, whether overhead or underground.
If you think your home or building might be a candidate for an Electrical Service Upgrade, or have other questions about wiring, fixtures, or equipment, please call us and ask for our free overall Building Electrical System Checkup.


breaker panel
Panelboard cabinets and panelboard frames, if of metal, shall be in physical contact with each other and shall be connected to an equipment grounding conductor. Where the panelboard is used with metallic raceway or cable or where separate equipment qrounding conductors are provided, a terminal bar for the equipment grounding conductors shall be secured inside the cabinet. The terminal bar shall be bonded to the cabinet and panelboard frame, if of metal; ortherwise it shall be connected to the equipment grounding conductor that is run with the conductors feeding the panelboard.

Every circuit and circuit modification shall be legibly identified as to its clear, evident, and specific purpose or use. The identification shall include sufficient detail to allow each circuit to be distinguished from all others. Spare positions that contain unused overrcurrent devices or switches shall be described accordingly. The identification shall be included in a directory that is located on the face or inside of the panel door in the case of a panelboard, and located at each switch on a switchboard. No circuit shall be described in a manner that depends on transient conditions of occupancy.

The requirement to provide an up-to-date, accurate, and circuit directory applies to panelboards and switchboards covered in Article 408. The circuit directory is an important feature for the safe operation of an electrical system under normal and emergency conditions.

Equipment grounding conductors shall not be connected to a terminal bar provided for grounded conductors or neutral conductors unless the bar is identified for the purpose and is located where interconnection between equipment grounding conductors and grounded circuits circuit conductors is permitted or required by Article 250.

The grounding of electronic equipment as well as overall power quality is of concern to the electrical industry. Sensitive electronic equipment used in industrial and commercial power systems may fail to perform properly if electrical noise is present in the equipment grounding conductor.

An isolated equipment grounding terminal is permitted if it is necessary for the reduction of electrical noise on the grounding circuit. This equipment grounding terminal must be grounded by an insulated equipment grounding conductor that is run with the circuit conductors. The isolated equipment grounding conductor is also permitted to pass through one or more panelboards (without connection to the panelboard grounding terminal), but it is important that the equipment grounding conductor terminate directly at the applicable separately derived system or service grounding terminal.